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29 April 2014 @ 11:55 am
Found some long lost Buffy/Spike Stories  
Hey guys, I'm Alea, and I used to run the website Buffy and Spike Diaries. The site closed down a couple years ago, and all the stories were lost.. or so I thought! I just found one of the sites earlier domains on the wayback archive, and most of the story links are still working! If you're interested..

Main site: https://web.archive.org/web/20030207074057/http://fanshoot.com/bsdiaries/ Fic links at the bottom, sorted by type

I know the Rated G page has some broken links, but Rated R and NC-17 all work as far as I can tell!

x-posted to pretty much any buffy/spsike group I can find!
15 July 2010 @ 07:42 pm
Deletion prevention post just to keep the comm from going up in smoke.
04 January 2009 @ 12:06 pm
Holiday Fic  
Holiday Fic

Title: The Gift

Author: st_salieri

Summary: A Christmas story. Once upon a time, there was a girl who stole the heart of a monster. If this was a proper fairy tale, it would end here with a happily ever after. But their story had never been a fairy tale.

Rating: R
Status: Complete
Season: Post NFA plus five years [Buffy was reunited with Spike shortly before the final battle]

Why: A warm turning of The Gift of the Magi. I love this story because it is a fluffy, spuffy one without being overly sentimental.
18 December 2008 @ 08:48 am
Christmas one-Shot.  

Great idea - Christmas recs.

There are 2 that one written for last season that still stick in my mind ... The first is the great "one-shot" -

Who Needs Five Gold Rings?  that was written by the amazingly talented slaymesoftly .

"This year's Christmas ficlet - post Chosen, but pre the ending of AtS. Pure Christmas fluff
Genre: none, Non-Bitey - Rating: PG
Warning: none"

I am sure you all read it last year - but go and read it again.

18 December 2008 @ 12:51 am
It's not dead!  
mad_brilliant_ and I have woefully neglected our responsibilities to this community, although it hasn't been out of lack of love, just simply RL getting in the way. We don't want to see this community just slip away into the ether, though, so we'll try to make 2009 a more successful year than 2008!

In the meantime, I am making an executive decision for the last couple of weeks left in the year: Rec me your favorite holiday fics! It's a theme we did back in 2007, but many new fics have popped up since then. Show us what you've got! Below is my offering:

Blood and Mistletoe by hollydb
Summary: Jilted with mingled feelings for the Slayer post the Will Be Done spell, Spike declares his feud with the Scoobies a Pax Romana for the holidays, and naturally ends up with a handful.
Rating: R
Status: Complete
Season: 4
Why: It's a bit of holiday fun. Always good.
19 October 2008 @ 08:00 pm
Two Prophecy Fic Recommendations  

I hope that the time hasn't passed for prophecy fic recs - if so please delete at will!

The first fic is the first that I ever wrote. I'm recommending it as it has won a Judge's Choice Award at Spark and Burn Round 4 and also won Best Supporting Character for my original character Helen Green.  I'm new to the whole lj experience and would like to get to know more people and I thought this was a good way of spreading the word!

Title:  Fall of the Night

Summary: Three months after that final battle in "Not Fade Away", Giles and Andrew take a trip to L.A. to do their own investigation on what happened that night.  A lucky break leads them to someone they thought was surely lost forever.  In the midst of heartache and trials fraught with revenge and the consequences, can true love find it's way?

Rating: PG-13

Status: Complete

Season. Set post season finales of both BtVS and AtS

Warnings: Contains Spike/other, strong language and torture. But rest assured there is happy in there too.



My second recommendation is a fic that I wrote in response to a challenge and is much more recent.  This is also a winner of awards - Runner Up in Best Angst at the Indigo Crypt Awards Round 1 and Winner of Best Unfinished Spuffy and Best Post Season Finale fic at Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards Round 14

Title: A Loss of Pride

Summary: After the big battle, the Shanshu Prophecy comes in to effect with consequences that no one could forsee...  A Fuller summary and the detail of the challenge is on chapter one.

Rating: PG-13

Status:  Complete

Season:  Set post 'Not Fade Away'



I hope that you give them a go and that you enjoy them.  Please let me know if you do whether by commenting on the sites that the fics are linked to or by PM to my lj :)
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16 July 2008 @ 11:57 am
Prophecy fic  
One of the best is "Seven Year Slayer" by Dutchbuffy.

Available at the Sandlot. Not at
All About Spike archive site as previously advised (the author's own site seems to be down). Please see thisficklemob's comment to this entry for a link that works!

Rating - Mature audience (MA15+) would be my guess.
Premise - Seven years is a long time to slay. Something’s gotta change! Somewhere a few months into an imaginary season 7; Spike is back with a soul; Willow learning to be a good witch; Giles in Sunnydale; Buffy’s trying to deal with the new Spike; they find a mysterious manuscript. Written before Season 7 aired.

Another correction - Dutchbuffy dropped by to say she has moved to another ISP, and her new address is http://home.planet.nl/~balde096/ Allow me to recommend that you bookmark the site and read everything...
23 June 2008 @ 05:48 pm
Prophesy fic  
Theme: Prophesy

Title: Persephone

Author: botias

Summary: This is a crack!fic whence the whole point is for virginal season 2 Buffy to get it on with ebol, unchipped season 2 Spike.

Rating: NC-17
Status: WIP
Season: Season 2

Why: A bright and irrepressible fic using the myth of Persephone and a spell as catalyst.
23 June 2008 @ 01:26 pm
Prophesy fic 2  
Theme: Prophesy

Title: The Demon in Me


Author: spikeschilde

Summary: After sharing her night of passion with Angel, Buffy is thrown into a situation she never thought possible beyond her wildest dreams. Forced to learn to live with the changes within herself, she finds comfort and understanding in someone she never had thought of as anything but a monster.

Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Season: Season 2

Why: Enjoyable and complex plot includes a prophesy, The Council and Buffy’s father, Hank and, of course, our hero Spike.
23 June 2008 @ 01:24 pm
Prophesy fic  
Theme: Prophesy

Title: Dancing in the Moonlight

Author: hollydb

Summary: A prophecy unfolds just as a new Slayer arrives in Sunnydale.
A cocky, British, platinum blonde Slayer with a devilish smile and a body to die for. And Buffy doesn’t know what surprises her more—the fact that he’s male, or the animal attraction that festers between them almost from the beginning

Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Season: Season 2

Why: Wonderful story from Holly.